This is perhaps the most common question we hear when we introduce our company. Many believe it is the name of our customer who helped us start this business where as others believe it be the name of our owner or some

Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a critical aspect of working in any environment and Dr. Frigz takes this responsibility very seriously. In addition to being a part of SA8000 certification, it also makes common sense that the staff and company should always be proactively prepared to address any number of emergency situations. For this reason, Dr. …

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Blood Camp

Dr. Frigz International held a blood camp in its facility in coordination with Sundas Foundation, Sialkot in order to replenish the much critical blood bank in the city. Sundas Foundation is one of the nations most well reputed organizations serving in the field of blood transfusions with particular attention to children suffering from Thalassemia, blood …

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Welding technologies in instrument manufacturing

Dr. Frigz International uses four different types of welding technologies throughout its manufacturing facilities. The choice of technology depends upon the material, profile of the workpiece, and technical requirement of the instrument. Spot Welding: This is a form of electric resistance welding. Two brass electrodes are used to ‘spot weld’ together two sheets of metal …

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