Checking the HRC of instruments

After the completion of vacuum heat treatment process at Dr. Frigz, the next step is to check whether the required steel hardness has been achieved. Proper steel hardness is a very critical factor and will vary depending upon the grade of steel, along with the parameters used during the heat treatment process. Only when the required HRC is acquired, the production lot papers are stamped and the HRC reading is mentioned on the lot tracking card so that it can be used in future for trackback, if necessary.

For checking the HRC, Dr. Frigz utilizes three different machines.

Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester: This is an automated machine with digital display that reveals an accurate HRC reading in few seconds through the process of diamond indentation.

Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester: This is the workhorse of the industry. It is reliable, accurate, and fast and can cover almost the whole range of our instruments when checking for HRC.

Non-contact Hardness Tester: For items that are sensitive or that cannot be indented through diamond, we have this latest piece of technology to check the hardness of material without touching the work piece.

All instruments that go through vacuum heat treatment, must go through the HRC testing method on sample basis before they can be sent for further production processes. To see all of this in action, please check out our youtube video.

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