Joint Ventures
Dr. Frigz enjoys strategic joint ventures with German and Japanese companies. These foreign offices are used as a platform for local selling as well as re-export to various countries all over the world. Our strategic partnerships serve to prove not only our comittment to the best quality instruments, but also the strength of our customer relations that allows us to better service and a greater understanding of their requirements.


With supply reaching more than 15 countries worldwide, Frigz customers often seek and acheive exclusivity in the market they serve. This is a testamount to our comittment to quality and service. Through our distribution network of importers, distributors, & partner OEM companies, Frigz provides to thousands of hospitals all over the world.


It is difficult to find a reliable and consistent partner in the field of surgical instruments manufacturing. But, with a proven track record of more than 30 years, a growing and satisfied customer base, and brand recognition across several international markets, Frigz has and will continue to make a positive mark in the global healthcare industry.

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