Diamond Dusted Jaws Instruments

What are DDJ Instruments?

These are instruments whose jaws are specially coated with diamond dust in order to substitute the traditional smooth (more expensive) TC tips. These DDJ tips provide similar functionality of a TC tip but at a cheaper price.

Benefits of DD Coating

  • Increased griping capability
  • Does not bend or burr needles
  • Hybrid of smooth and serrated jaws adds to instruments functionality
  • Superior manipulation of sutures
  • Less twisting
  • Excellent precise control when grasping during surgery
  • Cheaper than TC

Instruments Range for DDJ Instruments

Needle holders, micro instruments, forceps, vascular and other grasping instruments can be converted to a dimaond dusted jaw instrument. For a complete range of Frigz DDJ offering, request our DDJ Catalog from the contact us page.

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