Difference between Single Use & Reusable Instruments

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One of the most common questions we hear from our visitors is regarding the difference between single use (or disposable) and reusable instrument.

Simply put, single use instruments are made of lower quality (aka Pakistani Steel) and reusable instruments are made of better quality (Japanese, French, or German) Steel.

Besides the main difference of steel quality, when making single use instruments, the raw materials used at different production processes are also of lower quality and some processes like passivation are not done at all. Skipping these processes and using cheaper raw material is acceptable because in these cases the instruments will only be used once after sterilization, and the customer is extremely price sensitive.
However,  single use instruments of Dr. Frigz International are better than the reusable instruments of many companies. This is because even in our disposable (Pakistani Steel) instruments, we apply the same quality inspection criteria as in the reusable line and do not compromise on cheaper quality consumables. So even though we may not export millions of single use instruments per month but the hundreds of thousands that we do export are the absolute top of the line and a source of pride for us.

When it comes to reusable instruments, the instrument must face repeated sterilization cycles. Thus it is necessary to manufacture it in the best possible manner with the best possible materials so that it can endure the test of time and performance. Reusable instruments are more expensive than single use and are manufactured in smaller batches.

Typically, there are only about 150 different kinds of single use instruments but their order quantities will be in millions per year. On the contrary, reusable instruments are in many thousands of types but their yearly order quantity might be sporadic and less than single use instruments.


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