Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a critical aspect of working in any environment and Dr. Frigz takes this responsibility very seriously. In addition to being a part of SA8000 certification, it also makes common sense that the staff and company should always be proactively prepared to address any number of emergency situations. For this reason, Dr. Frigz has invested heavily in various monitoring systems and infrastructures like alarms, smoke detectors, fire fighting equipment, public address systems, medical dispensaries and more.

As a part of that health and safety initiative of the company, we received broader and proper emergency training from the local emergency responding authorities at 1122. This training provided dozens of our staff members and safety inspectors with the required skills to provide a number of services relating to immediate first aid, CPR, and controlled fire fighting experience. This training will be provided and refreshed periodically so that Dr. Frigz remains a safe environment to work and is able to handle any unexpected situation in the proper manner.

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