Coming Soon…a brand new web presence

Our new company website will be coming very soon Inshallah (God willingly). This is going to be the third major version of the site.

In retrospect, our web presence has evolved considerably since our first page appeared in the late 1990s. The webpage wasvery basic with some pages of text, logo, and pictures of company directors receiving awards. This webpage was made in-house by our relative Engineer Asad Faiz and was hosted at; a domain that we lost over the years. You can still catch a glimpse of that page at the waybackmachine link here or see a screenshot below.

Our second page was created around 2005 by techniques. This was a considerable improvement over the text-based static pages we had in the past. Now, our product catalogue was available online, you could do searches, fill inquiry and contact forms and learn more about the company’s process and philosophies. You could even take a virtual tour of the company. This site was hosted on and is still alive at the time i am writing this post. Waybackmachine link here.  Screenshot below.

Now, in 2011, i can tell you all about how cool and awesome the upcoming website will be … but i’d rather wait and let you experience it yourself before i brag about it.

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