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Even though we export millions of instruments each year, our $ volume compared to that of the world  is miniscule. However, if the governments were to support the industries through various methods like technical trainings, universities, infrastructure and global marketing, the surgical industry can definitely give a better result than their current benchmark. Same holds true for all the other industries depicted in the chart below.
screen shot 2011 09 19 at 3 26 24 pm

The above stats appeared in the (16th August 2011) bulletin of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Compiled by Mr. Tahir Mahmood according to the HS Code of items produced by the city’s different industries and using the data available on trademap. This is a much better and clearly organized report compared to the industry stats shared by SIMAP.

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    What a great post. I can appreciate your insightful and interesting feedback. I am surprised that more people do not debate this topic more often.

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