Saving lives through quality control

Saving lives is a tough job in itself and should not be made tougher due to poor quality surgical instruments. Imagine a doctor reaching for an instrument during a critical surgery and finding out the instrument does not perform its intended purposes. Now, imagine the patient was your close relative. You would not want that to happen to your family and neither do we. The results of such an instance could range from massive frustration, to operation failure, and eventually to loss of life.

Due to the seriousness of this issue, it is imperative that quality control in a medical device manufacturing organization remain strict and vigilant regarding the items they manufacture. By using various inspection methods and tools, compliance to regulatory requirements, and employing trained and experienced technicians manufacturers can ensure a certain degree of quality products.

At Frigz, we believe there is another intangible component that goes into making of a quality product and that component is the realization that our instruments might help save lives. This realization translates to an attitude and commitment to quality that is evident through the products we manufacture. No one is perfect, but we sure do try as hard as we can to reach as close as we can to the perfect instrument. 

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