Surgical Instruments Forging 101

The quality, finish, and functionality of a surgical instrument is greatly affected by the quality of forging used. Die making and forging are perhaps amongst the most important and basic processes that help create world class medical devices. Having said that, what is forging anyways?

Forging is a method of shaping metal by applying pressure. There are various methods of forging but in surgical instruments manufacturing industry drop forging technique is the most commonly used. In this type of forging, stainless steel of various grades is heated to a certain temperature and placed between two dies. One of the dies is dropped on the heated metal with pressure causing the metal to expand into the die cavity that is already precisely carved in the shape of the desired instrument. Normally, multiple hits through various dies is required before the forging process is considered complete.

The quality, precision, and finish of the die, along with the quality of stainless steel used will greatly affect the standard of the surgical instrument under manufacturing. For more informative articles on surgical instruments, don’t forget to sign up to our blog.

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