Understanding Surgical Stainless Steel

These days surgical Instruments are made from a variety of materials including composites, plastics, titanium, and (the more traditional;) stainless steel. Typically two types of stainless steel series are most commonly used for instruments manufacturing. 300 series (Austenitic) stainless steel, and 400 series (Martensitic) stainless steel. The Austenitic steel cannot be hardened through heat treatment. …

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Muslim Medical Inventions in the Golden Age

Invention of Surgical instruments A wide variety of surgical instruments and techniques were invented in the Muslim world, as well as the refinement of earlier instruments and techniques. The following instruments are known to have been invented by Muslim surgeons: Hollow hypodermic needle and injection syringe by Ammar ibn Ali al-Mawsili (c. 1000). Over 200 …

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Anatomy of Forceps

General Forceps Forceps are among the plethora of surgical instruments that surgeons require during operation. Forceps come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties; some with ratchets, serrations, grooves, teeth, and, coatings depending upon their intended use. Their main purpose is to grasp things (tubes, cotton, etc) or tissue during surgery. They are made from high …

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