The Dr. Frigz Group (beyond Instruments)

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The Dr. Frigz group also has various other business units throughout the city of Sialkot. The most prominent of those include the following

  1. Sialkot International Airport (SIAL): SIAL was started by the chairman of Dr. Frigz International, Mian Muhammad Riaz, when he was the president chamber of commerce and industry Sialkot. Mr. Riaz served as founder chairman for the private airport for 6 years and still actively plays an important role in the management of the company. Dr. Frigz has 5 directors that are represented on the board of SIAL.
  2. Dr. Frigz also has invested in the fast food industry. The following brands and franchisees are owned and managed by Dr. Frigz International.
    • Subway (Sialkot Cantt)
    • Papa John’s (Sialkot Cantt)
    • Manolo Gelato (Sialkot Cantt)
    • Pizza Planet (Shahabpura Rd, Sialkot)
  3. Dr. Frigz also owns & manages FR Petroleum, as a dealer of a Total Parco petrol pump on Kashmir Road, Sialkot.
  4. Dr. Frigz also owns a Sports/Fitness Apparel & Products company by the name of OnTrack.
  5. Rossman Advisory and Training institute is also an up and coming project of Dr. Frigz group.
  6. A major upcoming project of Dr. Frigz includes a Joint venture with Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. This project has also been initiated by the chairman, Mian Muhammad Riaz, and will be operational in a few years’ time. Through this project, Mr. Riaz, will be establishing a world class certified hospital in the city of Sialkot so that patients can be provided with latest facilities at their doorstep.

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