The Vast Network of Life


Iron ore is mined.

Stainless Steel is made.

Forging is made.

Instrument is machined.

Dimensions are checked.

Grinding and Polishing is done on the instrument.

Functionality is checked.

Instrument is laser etched, packed and ready for shipment.

Truck is loaded and taken to the sea port.

Ship sails for 30 days across the ocean and brings to its destination.

Shipment is delivered to distributor.

Distributor open the instrument, sends it for sterilization.

Sterilized instrument is delivered to Hospital.

An unfortunate accident takes place.

The victim is brought to the Hospital’s emergency room.

Instrument is required to close the wound.

Dr. Frigz International’s instrument is handed over to the doctor.

Wound is closed perfectly.

A life is saved.


Every one matters. From the miner of iron ore, to the master forger who made the first forgings, to the truck driver who drove to the sea port, and to the doctor who used the instrument. All lives are sacred, all hard work is rewarded. And we realize that our instrument help save thousands of lives each year.

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