This is perhaps the most common question we hear when we introduce our company. Many believe it is the name of our customer who helped us start this business where as others believe it be the name of our owner or some foregin-parent company. But the truth is that Dr. Frigz is simply an acronym made up from the first letters of the names of the original directors that formed the company.

for Daud
R  for  Riaz
F  for Fehmida
RI  for Rafique
G  for Ghulam Fatima
Z  for Zahida

We just rearranged the letters in a clever way that relates to our field and sounds good for public relations. Turns out, our decision was not bad at all. Besides, the name has a fancy ‘zing’ associated with it that makes you think of medical field.The Name 'Dr. Frigz'

Mian Muhammad Riaz, who is the founder, of the company decided on this name when he registered the company back in 1980s. He wanted the name to represent the founding directors, especially because they consisted of himself (R), his mother (G) , his father (RI), his wife (Z), his sister (F) and his brother in law (D).

Interestingly, during a trade fair exhibition, a wife brought her sick husband to our booth demanding to see Dr. Frigz so he could cure her husband. We couldn’t help her in that but we did offer her surgical instruments catalog with a promise of quality and commitment.

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